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Student Learner Outcomes (SLO's)

Cesar Chavez High School will prepare students to be:

Critical thinkers and learners who:

  •     demonstrate competent, standards-based literacy skills
  •     use critical and analytical thinking skills effectively in listening, speaking, reading and writing
  •     use available resources and materials, including various technological and artistic tools, to create a product

Communicators who:

  •     read and write with organization
  •     speak with a command of Standard American English conventions
  •     use a variety of methods - written, oral, technological, performance - to express ideas and information

Civic-minded Citizens who:

  •     demonstrate the skills needed to work in diverse groups and display appropriate conduct
  •     make positive choices and follow all school rules and guidelines
  •     cooperate and show respect, empathy and tolerance of individual differences

Healthy Individuals who:


Self-directed lifelong learners who:

  •     acquire skills needed to meet personal, academic and vocational goals
  •     develop necessary skills to pursue and accomplish short- and long-term goals
  •     contribute to the local and global community through service, work-experience and volunteerism